Congratulations to Tess Munster

Tess Munster To Get Major Contract

Tess MunsterThe 29-year-old Tess Munster, who was named one of the top plus-sized models in the world by Vogue Italia and Refinery 29, started the movement #EffYourBeautyStandard to encourage other women to celebrate their bodies, no matter their shape.

At 5-foot-5, Holliday, real name Tess Munster, doesn’t fit into the mold of traditional plus-size models, who might typically be a few inches taller and be between sizes 8 and 16.

This move makes her the first plus size model of her size (22) and height (5’5″) to be signed to an agency. We always hear readers ask for more diversity in the modeling industry and more visibly plus models. Tess Munster represents diversity and many plus size women identify with her.



Meet Tess Munster

Tess MunsterAstonishingly Mississippi-born Tess Munster, who experienced relentless bullying as a child and eventually left school at 17, is still on the receiving end of bile because of how she looks. Tess Munster earned her GED, packed her bags, and moved across the country with hopes of making her dreams come true.

She perfected her technique as a Makeup Artist, and started landing jobs as head makeup artist, hair stylist, and creative director for numerous fashion shows in Seattle, WA. It was truly amazing to see the confidence that she could give her clients through glamming them up with makeup.

Although it brought her tremendous joy and pride, Tess felt like something was missing. So, in 2010, she decided to move to Los Angeles, and it was that very move that forever changed her life for the better and started full-time modeling.


What Does Tess Munster Loves Most About Her Careers!

What Tess loves most about her careers is the ability to inspire and empower women around the world. From transformations with makeup, building confidence through modeling, and advocating body size acceptance, her fans have been the best part of her journey. She receives letters and emails from different women every day thanking her for empowering them to love their bodies, and to not be ashamed of being whoever you are..

It is now the features that Tess Munster was bullied about in her youth, that she says she now embraces, and encourages other women to embrace within themselves. Tess hopes that girls who are bullied, and women who lack confidence will begin to see their inner and outer beauty at whatever size. Tess Munster is proof that determination, relentlessness, and positivity can look beautiful on anyone, and that there is a wonderful life past a size 20.


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What is Paycation Travel?

Everyone Is Flocking To Be Apart of Paycation Travel. But Why?


paycationPaycation Travel enables you to run a successful business right from the comfort of your home with the most exciting product worldwide. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a retiree, doctor, student, or one of the millions of full time, hardworking, yet underpaid and under-appreciated employees. Paycation Travel gives you the opportunity to become financially independent by working your own home based business with all the tools, training and support you need to become successful. Paycation Travel is based out of Atlanta, GA.

Travel is an 8 trillion dollar industry and with Paycation Travel  you can simply join our Paycation Travel Club (PTC) to enjoy the best prices on all types of vacations and custom trips or by just becoming a Paycation Independent Associate (IA), referring the PTC program to your friends, family and co-workers, you can turn Paycation Travel into serious savings and a great income opportunity.

Many people are looking for a career change. Thanks to Xstream Travel, that option is available through Paycation. You can go through the Xstream Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) Program and become a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) and earn some of the highest travel commissions in the industry plus enjoy all the travel perks and Tax advantages available only to Travel agents or consultants.

Paycation Travel has created the strongest compensation plan in history to give everyone the opportunity for financial success.

What Does Paycation Offer?

Paycation Travel ReviewsBasically Paycation Travel offers travel support services through a network marketing business model. In other words, the company’s network of independent distributors are the way the company promotes or shares their service with prospects or new leads. Customers get access to discounted costs on vacation packages, hotels and resorts, car rentals and cruises.

Paycation Travel is partnered up with Xstream Trip, which is a 12-year aged travel company, to offer participants with professional training. With all that being said, I assume the most significant interest for people wanting to sign up with the company as a representative is the reality that the travel industry is an $8 Trillion dollar industry and the market keeps increasing.

How Does the Paycation Travel Compensation Plan Works

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There are several ways to earn an income and make money that provide both instant commissions along with monthly recurring commissions for your business.

As you sponsor new home based travel agents and build your team, you’ll earn personal sales commissions, coded bonuses and matching coded bonuses. The better you are at duplicating your efforts and helping your entire team and other members build their own teams, the more you’ll earn in coded and matching coded bonuses!

What’s even better about the compensation plan is that you can make money without recruiting. Just by helping people book hotels, rental cars, vacation packages, sporting events, and etc, you can make up to 65%-75% commissions.

Here are the keys to the compensation plan:

  1. Personal sale income
  2. Coded bonuses to infinity
  3. Matching coded bonuses
  4. Strong residual 4 by 7 Power Matrix
  5. 2 Matching Matrix Bonuses
  6. Residual coded and matching coded bonuses
  7. Business Builder Bonuses
  8. 2 Lifestyle Bonuses
  9. Diamond Team Bonuses
  10. Million Dollar Bonus

Packages of Paycation Travel


Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) $99.95 (Holiday Special till the end of January) then back up to $149.95

Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) Once an RTC takes the Certified Travel Training and passes the certification test they will be upgrade to a Certified Travel Consultant for Xstream Travel.

You earn 75% of the commission on all travel you book direct or refer to your travel portal and 20% of all travel commissions on travel you refer to the corporate travel office. *The CTC monthly subscription fee is $69.95

Join Our Paycation Platinum Travel Club – $29.95

Worldwide travel inventory including condos and weekly stay options, loyalty point accumulation on all travel related puchases!
(FLIGHTS EXCLUDED), and book experiences with point accumulation – surfing, ziplining, skiing, sightseeing tours, and much more!

Full online shopping experience with point accumulation at over 18,000 strores including large chains such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Groupon, Barnes & Noble, Sears, eCards and more, exclusive concierge service with call back service for a personalized trip experience, and Xstream travel deals specifically for Platinum Travel Club member ONLY!

Free Travel Customer Portal

Customize your own travel portal to your liking on anything dealing with travel… The best part is that you can refer other people to get a free travel customer portal and received even more discounts off trips you want to take.

Winning Philosophy For Being Successful In Paycation Travel?

In order for you to be successful in this opportunity, you need to partner up with someone that knows what they are doing, such as myself. The first wrong thing that people do is go after friends and family which is a big NO-NO. The reason that is, is because they are either going to tell you that you are wasting your time and/or try to discourage you from going after your dreams..

home based travel agent

1. You need to learn how to market and brand yourself because at the end of the day the people that will join you in this opportunity are people you don’t know.

2. You need to learn how to attract the right people into your business which is great about Paycation Travel because either people want to travel or they are already traveling which makes this a great opportunity for anyone to succeed in.

3. You need to learn how to generate traffic, turn that traffic into leads, and then turns those leads into sales.

4. You need to be on team that will train you the right way on how to market your business which I happen to be on one of the fastest growing teams in this opportunity so that’s a major plus.

5. You need to have a system in place that can be easily to duplicated throughout your organization.

6. Believe in yourself and already know you are going to be successful, any doubt in yourself will hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals!

Now after after going over this information about this Paycation Travel Reviews, you should well be informed about this opportunity and just ready to SIGN UP, ready to TAKE ACTION, and get plugged in to our system that will help you create that TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM you always wanted.


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Network MarketingI would like to welcome you to my Network Marketing blog. My name is CJ Jones and I am an Entreprenuer / Network Marketer. I have been doing this for about two and a half years now and it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Just to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 29 years old and a single father of a 7 year old. I love him to death and he’s my motivation for me getting into this industry. I always wanted to find something where I can work from home and spend more time with him. Luckily I came across Network Marketing.

Before Network Marketing I bounced around from job to job, living paycheck to paycheck, now don’t get me wrong I’ve had good jobs but I really wasn’t enjoying it because it was taking up so much time of not spending time with my son. I was always tired working those long hours, didn’t really get to go out that much because I was so tired. Until I just made the decision to just want to do something different. So I started looking online on ways to make money from home.


The Struggle Of Network Marketing


Network MarketingNot everything thing started off peaches and cream. I struggled just like most people getting into this industry. I didn’t know what to do, my sponsor up and left me, so I pretty much had to fend for myself! It’s nothing like getting into something new, where you have no experience and just felt out of place but I knew it was real. It had to be if I’m seeing all these people make all this money, going on vacations, and just being able to live life on there own terms. I struggled for almost a good year and half now I did make a little bit of money but not the money I was seeing all these top people were making and I was doing this while working a part-time job.

So I started watching YouTube videos on the successful people in this industry and started adding them on Facebook to see how they were doing this. First and foremost the first thing people do wrong is go after friends and family. The reason that’s not good because either they are going to tell you that you are wasting your time or just try to discourage you from going after your dreams. Which was my case in this industry, the people that are going to join you are people you don’t know. Have you ever heard that saying “strangers will make you rich before family and friends” well that this is the case in this Network Marketing.


How Can You Succeed With Network Marketing


Network MarketingNow you probably wondering well if I got in how am I able to do that, well that’s where I come in, I will teach you how to brand, market, and attract the right people into your business. I have awesome training methods to help you succeed in your Network Marketing business but in order for that to happen you have to be willing to invest yourself and believe that you will be successful no matter what! If you want success as bad as you want to breathe then you will make it happen. You just have to be trainable, coach-able, and committed to being able to create that time and financial freedom you always wanted. So if you ready to TAKE ACTION then get in contact with me and let’s get you on that road to time and financial freedom!


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