“Paycation Travel” Just Made Perfect Sense To Me!

The Big Debate About “Paycation Travel”

Paycation TravelSo this is the big debate, “Is Paycation Travel Legit?” Paycation Travel is simply not what it seems to be. I know you may have checked out other stories out there about Paycation Travel but none of them would give you the detailed facts you need like this blog, so please read on because you are about to be very impressed…

Paycation Travel is one of the leading providers of travel services and travel education in the world and it utilizes an outstanding group of travel partners that help Paycation provide the best values for its Vacation program and member base.

Paycation works with Xstream Travel to provide members professional training to become a Referral Travel Consultant or a Certified Travel Consultant. Xstream Travel is a 12 year old licensed and bonded travel agency.

Paycation Travel has recently entered the network marketing or affiliate marketing business model to help leverage a strong customer base and brand of passionate home based travel agents.

The CEO David Manning has built up a lot of great relationships with vendors and suppliers, hence the reason why us as online travel agents are able to get great wholesale and discounted prices for ourselves as well as customers and potential clients..

…So, no, the supposed Paycation Travel scam is really not a fraud at all. And the corporation has existed for nearly a long time so it isn’t going out of business in the near future.

Paycation Travel Changed My Life For The Better

The reason why I got started with Paycation Travel is mainly because I invariably favored the very idea of leveraging my cash flow and earning profits on my own terms. I used to be a dishwasher making $9.50 an hour but in reality I hated it and always knew I was valued at alot more. Deep inside I was aware I had what it took to turn into a very successful businessman but just didn’t know where to start. Living paycheck to paycheck wasn’t for me and being broke each week after having to pay my bills was keeping me worried and down in the dumps.

Paycation Travel










..I used to be just a ‘broke’ youngster looking for a way for myself being that I do not come from the richest family in the area.

…And I was just tired of struggling and looking for a way to meet ends meet.

Nevertheless the paycation travel opportunity definitely made perfect sense to me…

The gains you will enjoy for becoming a home based travel agent is crucial. Stuff like great discounts off of vacation packages, hotels, rental cars, sporting events, concert tickets, and etc, were a few of the things which sparked my interest.

How to Make Money as a Paycation Travel Agent?

…Now that you’ve looked upon the massive range of benefits you get for being a Paycation Travel agent, I will fill you in on how you get paid as well as other data as well.

First and foremost, it’s not necessary to reference others to the organization to make money if you do not want to. It’s up to you. You can easily join to possess the benefits if you want. Secondly, the best way you get paid is by direct deposit.

The moment you are a member, you may link your bank account to the Paycation Travel web-site so that the company knows how to send you your funds each week.

…It has a very good and favorable compensation plan which is why a lot of online travel agents cherish this small business opportunity…

There about 20 different ways to get paid.. You get up to 65%-75% commissions on anything that you book as well getting paid for building a team of home based travel agents.. Watch the video above to get a better understanding of the comp plan..

Here are the keys to the Paycation Travel compensation plan:

  • Personal sale income
  • Coded bonuses to infinity
  • Matching coded bonuses
  • Strong residual 3 by 7 Power Matrix
  • 2 Matching Matrix Bonuses
  • Residual coded and matching coded bonuses
  • Business Builder Bonuses
  • 2 Lifestyle Bonuses
  • Diamond Team Bonuses
  • Million Dollar Bonus

I went from being broke each week to having the ability to stop working my job to being able to work from home full-time for a living, and I’ve been able to take vacations more often than in the past since joining the so-called Paycation Travel scam.

What would an additional one hundred sixty dollars – sixteen hundred dollars every week do for you? Potentially pay some debts, allow you to go to various kinds of islands, or perhaps even allow you to quit your job like I did a whole year and a half ago!

In either case, ‘Paycation Travel’ is a great way to make extra cash from the conveniences of your home.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Paycation Travel Review

P.S. I provide great training for anyone that decides to Take Action and  join my Paycation Travel team..

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Do you get commission rebound if you book your own travel on Paycation?

Also as a CTC you get discounts on travel, can this be extended to friends/family?

Finally could you arrange group/corporate vacations?

Many thanks,


6figurefamily moderator

@rssfeedslive Yes you get paid when you book your own vacations through Paycation Travel, most of the discounts yes they can but now we have come out with the Free Customer Travel Portal where people can customize it to get discounts on their particular interests such as cruises, vacations, spas, casinos, golf resorts and etc... And yes you can arrange group and corporate vacations..